Ken's Muffler & Custom Exhaust

Know more about Ken's auto exhaust center

Don’t wait until your exhaust situation becomes an emergency. Ken’s Auto Exhaust Center at 1710 Massillon Road is dedicated to exhaust and muffler repairs, making us the experts in exhaust repair in Akron, Ohio. Our trained technicians will inspect your whole exhaust system and make any necessary repairs before they become an emergency.

Consider an annual inspection

Regular inspections ensure that your vehicle’s exhaust system always operates safely and efficiently. Our staff looks for cracks, leaks and corrosion that can weaken your exhaust system. Our expert check list includes inspection of:

  • Exhaust manifold
  • Catalytic converter
  • Muffler
  • Oxygen gauge
  • Tail pipe
  • All connecting pipes and mounts

Custom exhaust work

When you are looking to upgrade your exhaust system, you want to call the experts at Ken’s Auto Exhaust Center. Our technicians are equipped to handle everything from changing the sound level of your exhaust to additions that increase your vehicle’s performance.

Your custom exhaust can be as detailed as you want. Ask our staff about stainless steel, aluminized and chrome parts. We can swap out the catalytic converter or muffler, add a 14-gauge exhaust pipe or a dual exhaust. We work on all types of vehicles, foreign and domestic.

Stop in at our Exhaust Center at 1710 Massillon road to learn more about adding performance exhaust parts to your vehicle.


Our technicians understand the details of emissions testing. Bring your vehicle to Ken’s Auto for one-stop convenience when it comes time for your semi-annual E-Check. We’ll fully inspect your exhaust system, arrange for any necessary repairs and ascertain you receive a passing score.